Best Vocal Presets for Logic Pro X

Best Vocal Presets for Logic Pro X

Are you an aspiring Artist? A Vocalist or maybe even a Mixer? Looking for that extra touch to spice up your work? Everybody wants to create music that’s straight-fire! Easier said than done. You need to be distinct and have a signature formula that stands out. But not everything that’s unique sounds appealing. You may wonder how you could make compelling music that instantly clicks with your audience. If you’re in that predicament, we’ve got you covered with a no-compromise solution. 

Our sound engineers are the best in the business, and we ain’t talking about careless things here. They have delivered an authentic shortcut for all you hustlers out there. Time is money, and we hate seeing you wasting it away trying to dial in the mixing in Logic Pro X. Instead, flavor your work with our vocal presets. Browse our array of presets that you can apply to enrich your vocals with an added layer of pizzazz.

Elevate the feel of your music to new heights with presets of various genres. Are you looking to add some RnB touch? Or maybe EDM’s your game. The presets are all easy to use and fully customizable and come with detailed instructions. Check them out now and see how your music goes from basic homeboy territory to straight-up OG gangsta realm.

Vocal Drip 1 Preset Pack

Notice how modern RnB and Pop artists like to master their songs with some reverb. The tempo is reminiscent of the Lo-fi era, yet overall, the song feels unmistakably modern. This Vocal Drip 1 Preset Pack could be yours with a click of a button. It helps to stay in touch with modern trends, and this preset automatically does just that; no effort is required. Now your music, too, will pass the same vibe check. 

Our sound engineers sure know how to deliver a bomb of a product. Your music would sound like the shizz with this preset. And the cherry on top? This preset goes hard on almost all genres of music, not just RnB. Apply this to various music types, and we guarantee the result will be a banger regardless. Even the sound of a potato would turn up to be straight fire with this one!!!

Summer Walker Vocal Preset

You want to sound like a certified baddie, but you are stuck sounding like that basic aesthetic chic that keeps whining about how uninteresting her life is? Worry no more; we got you covered. With the Summer Walker vocal preset, your vocals will sound like the next billboard chart-topping diva. This preset adds character and weight to your vocals, so you don’t end up with generic-sounding music. Only bad bitches get to take away the trophies in our town. 

Ariana Grande Vocal Preset 

You've come to the right place if you’re tired of old tropes judging you just by your good looks, ignoring all that sass and sauce you got hidden. With the Ariana Grande Vocal preset, you’ll sound like the hottest cake in the industry- Expressive, Bold, and Hypnotic! Baby got sugar AND spice, right? Wouldn’t you want your music to sound just as bewitching as Ariana’s? Sprinkle some good girl gone bad vibes for your vocals. Grab this preset now. 

Dua Lipa Vocal Preset

You want to boast a deep and soulful voice, but your music lacks that secret ingredient.  Got power and control, yet the melody lacks charm and isn’t enchanting? What a bummer! Let me tell you exactly what you need, suga. It’s this Dua Lipa Vocal preset. Lend your vocals some added texture and charisma- make it sound ethereal! What’s the point of having a euphonic voice if it isn’t persuasive and seductive? Reward yourself with this preset and see how much of a difference it can make.

Drake Vocal Preset

Now we’ve all wanted our music to sound like it had weight and the pull you find with Drake’s music. The kind that grabs your attention with some heavy-sounding rap but immediately entices you with melodic vocals.

It’s all about the auto-tune folks- Encumber the tone when necessary with hefty rap and then suddenly captivate your audience with auto-tuned lines of voice. Do it all with the click of a button with our Drake Vocal Preset. Our engineers have created a banger with this one. Check it out now.

Lil Wayne Vocal Preset

We all have had a few issues while trying to accommodate a voice with a unique timber. Sometimes the vocals and the background music just don’t get along very well, or maybe the mixing doesn’t pan out how you want it to. Harder still is the tall task of making the rap and the musical tune sound cohesive.

In RnB, this delicate combination of vocals and music is critical. If you need good-sounding music, you can’t compromise on harmony. But our sound engineers have essentially delivered you a cheat code. Our Lil Wayne Vocal Preset will do all the work for you, and you won’t have to worry about making unappealing music. Better save your time and effort and try it out now.

HyperPop Vocal Preset

Need to sound like an artist straight out of a rom-com anime intro? Maybe you like what’s poppin' on the K-pop side of things and want to be a proponent of that genre of music. Or you know, you are just that extra!! It’s all glitter and sparkles with this one. This HyperPop Vocal Preset will make you sound like the epitome of the pop genre. It is guaranteed to make even verbal diarrhea sound pleasant and sexy. Check it out. You won’t be left disappointed. 

The Kid Laroi Vocal Preset

If you’re looking to polish your music but find brushing off rough ends stressful and tedious, then boy, oh boy, do we have a surprise for you. We feel your pain, boo. Vocals are a completely different ball game, and auto-tune alone won’t do anything for you. Too many edges must be ironed out digitally before the music sounds crisp. What you need then, my friend, is The Kid Laroi vocal preset. You’re in for a treat after you try this customized recording template, vocal enhancements, and added effects. Make yourself sound pristine with this banger of a magic trick right here.

Blackbear Vocal Preset

Raise your hand if the dreaded mixing abyss has mired your electronic music journey, raise your hand.  Too many effects left to take care of, and sometimes they just don’t pan out with the vocals, right? We’ve all had those kinda issues in our audio production journey. It’s a game of patience, but you don’t have to be patient.

With Blackbear vocal preset, the only work you need to do is just to click the apply button and Voila! -instant success in becoming the next emo kid superstar or whatever tickles your fancy. No judgments passed here. 

The Weeknd Vocal Preset

One banger single is all it takes for you to become a “Starboy”. But regardless of how many hits you’ve scored on the charts, you still have to work through all the bits involved in production. And we both know how hard it is dialing in the effects regarding vocals. Countless hours in Logic Pro aren’t enough to produce an immaculate-sounding experience. Take, for example, The Weeknd’s vocals in his songs; they all have that sublime element, the almost spotless harmony between the mids, highs, lows, and pitch. Fire isn’t produced in a day, but you could do that with our Weeknd Vocal preset. Let the preset do all the work, and you spend time chasing stardom. Consider this a gift from our sound engineers; it’s nothing short of a vocal panacea.

Chris Brown Vocal Preset

You’ve got a great voice, but you need more than smooth vocals to take it to the next level. A commendable voice itself won’t make you sound like the Playa himself. You gotta go the extra mile, make it crisp, pop! Make it through our Vocal Preset!! Instant “Homie got dat vocal swag” vibes, Instant “Ladies got mad love for you” energy!

The Chris Brown Vocal Preset transforms you from the basic everyday run-off-the-mill artist to an International sensation. With all the effects dialed in, all you have to do is sing, and that’ll do the rest. Maybe you have to learn to dance like you have no joints; we can’t help you with that, sorry. It isn’t easy replicating the man himself, Bad Boy Chris.

Closing Words

Think of our presets as a fancy weapon in your arsenal. You can increase your productivity ten folds with just a few clicks. We’d wager that’s a good deal, and we also offer detailed manuals to help you get the most out of them. 

Get ready to deal with some musical Fatality. It’s never too late to draw inspiration from tried and tested formulas. Would you rather grind countless hours in Logic Pro X or, with a click of a button, finesse your way to a compelling product? The choice is yours.

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