How To Install Vocal Presets On Pro Tools

  • If you are using waves plugins click here

  • Unzip and move .ptxp file to:

    • MAC: /Users/[username]/Documents/Pro Tools/Track Presets/Avid

    • WINDOWS: ~/Documents/Pro Tools/Track Presets

  • Open Pro Tools and create a new audio track

  • Right click on the track and navigate to Recall Track Preset > Avid > "Preset"

  • It is highly recommended to insert a pitch corrector such as AutoTune or WavesTune to the first insert of the track vocal chain. Adjust the pitch corrector to the key of the song. If you don’t know the key of the song 

    or if you can’t google it, use this site

  • Enjoy the sweet sound of a well-mixed vocal!

  • If you are on windows and experiencing issues, try changing the file extension from .ptxp to .ptx