How to Install Vocal Presets On Mixcraft

  • Unzip and move the .preset files into the following folder:

    • (C:)/Program Data***/Acoustica/Mixcraft/MetaPresets7

    • ***The Program Data folder is a hidden folder, so if it is not visible to you, go to the view tab of your file explorer window.  Under the "show/hide" section, make sure the box labeled "Hidden items" is checked.

  • Once those files are copied into that folder, open up your Mixcraft session.

  • On the track you want to add the plug-in chain, select the "FX" button.

    • On the window that pops up, there is a drop down list labeled "<Select Effect Chain>"

    • The new presets will be in that list, so all you need to do is select which preset you want to use, and the plug-ins will load onto that track.


*Please note that some of these presets use the free plug-in "MAutoPitch" from Melda Productions.  You will need to have that plug-in downloaded ahead of time for the preset chains to fully load.  You can get that free plug-in plus several more from Melda Productions' Website.