top 10 vocal microphones on a budget

Top 10 Vocal Mics For Recording Artists On A Budget

As artists and musicians, we are always looking for the perfect vocal mic.  Of course, money isn't always on our side when searching for the perfect microphone, so getting something cheap that still sounds good is very important.  Here is a list of our top 10 vocal microphones that are for beginners and professionals on a budget!


#10 MXL V67G - $99


This large-diaphragm condenser mic brings a big sound for that cheap price!  It offers a warmth similar to tube microphones and has a circuit similar to the Neumann U87.  This microphone can easily perform above its price point.  Not only that, but the green and gold really pop and looks good in any studio.


#9 Audio-Technica AT2020 - $99

Audio-Technica AT2020

Another very cheap option, this medium-diaphragm condenser microphone is extremely popular.  It works great for vocals, but it is also very versatile and can be used to capture other instruments well such as guitars and pianos.  We know that when starting out, it is very important to have a microphone that operates as a "one-mic-fits-all" for whatever you happen to be recording.


#8 sE Electronics X1 S - $179

sE Electronics X1 S

This one is a bit of a jump up in price compared to the previous two, but for good reason.  This high quality mic is prefect for vocals and versatile enough to record anything in your studio.  It provides crystal clear and very colorful audio, and this one also gives you a pad for when recording loud instruments and a bass roll-off to cut out some unwanted frequencies.


#7 sE Electronics X1 R - $229

sE Electronics X1 R

This mic may look similar to the last, but there is a big difference.  This version of the X1 is a ribbon microphone.  Most ribbon microphones are very expensive due to their highly sought after sound, but sE Electronics offers that same sound at an affordable price point!  This microphone offers a very warm and natural sound.  You get a full response without a lot of the added brightness that most microphones add, so it gives you a very pure sound with extra definition.


#6 Blue Microphones Spark SL - $159

Blue Microphones Spark SL

The Blue Spark SL's gold capsule and internal preamp are dependable descendants of Blue's studio-standard Blue Bottle series. The result of this is an affordable mic with uncommonly low distortion characteristics and premium audio that works great on a variety of sources: especially vocals.


#5 Rode NT1 Kit Condenser Microphone - $269

Rode NT1 Kit Condenser Microphone

This microphone offers a very vibrant and colorful sound to any vocal recording while also adding very low noise.  If you don't have a sound-treated studio to record in, having a microphone that captures just your vocals and not any unwanted outside noise is a must-have, and this microphone gives you just that!  Its self noise is so low at 4.5dB which makes it one of the quietest studio microphones ever.


#4 Aston Microphones Origin - $199

Aston Microphones Origin

This unique-looking microphone has a colorful sound with shimmering overtones and great harmonics.  It features a built in pop filter that works great, and a rugged build that will keep it working well for a long time.  It is even good to take on the road!  This mic will breath new life into any recording.


#3 Shure MV7 Dynamic Mic - $224

Shure MV7 Dynamic Mic

If you are familiar with the industry standard SM7B microphone, then this should look familiar!  This microphone gives you a very similar sound at a more affordable price point.  It also offers a USB option if you don't have a audio interface, however, I'd recommend connecting via XLR if at all possible.  It also has an Auto Level Mode that automatically adjusts gain and compression for a well-balanced signal. custom keychains


#2 AKG P420 - $189

AKG P420

This large diaphragm microphone offers a great sound like all the other microphones on this list, but offers more versatility in that it has multiple pickup patters: Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Bidirectional.  This gives you more recording options not just for vocals but for other instruments as well as you can control what the microphone is picking up.  If you are recording in a space that has a nice natural reverb, switching the polar pattern to omni or bidirectional can add a neat new flare to your sound.


#1 Warm Audio WA-47Jr - $299

Warm Audio WA-47Jr

This transformer less large diaphragm FET condenser mic is the most expensive mic on our list, but for good reason.  The sound is phenomenal for this price point and has nearly all the features of the previous microphones such as multiple polar patterns, a pad, and high-pass filter.  Warm audio is well known for taking top-of-the-line equipment and making it budget friendly while still capturing the same audio quality that makes them popular.  They certainly did not disappoint with this microphone.  It is a great silver bullet microphone that would make an excellent addition to your studio.


*Please note that the prices listed are accurate at the time of this article's publish date, but may not account for future price changes/sales.

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