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Rys Up Audio

Rys Recording Template

Rys Recording Template

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A fully customized recording template specifically crafted for people who love recording music This vocal tracking template is designed to help streamline and organize sessions for each and every user.

Using only stock plugins, this template creates the perfect starting point for any recording session. Upgrade your workflow, learn the ideal routing, experience bussing and mixing at it's finest with the techniques which took us years to curate.

Included in the Template:

  • Vocal Presets for the Lead Vocal, Ad Libs, Harmonies, Doubles, and More
  • Bussing and Effects Sends for Reverb, Delays, Parallel Compression, and more
  • Instrumental Placement
  • Specialized EQ and Compressing
  • Aesthetic Color Coding
  • Track Names & Labels
  • Recording Track
  • Master Settings
  • Much More...
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Compatible With Every DAW

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