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Microphone Isolation Box

Microphone Isolation Box

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  • The noise reduction cylinder is designed and processed with polyurethane noise reduction sponge, which absorbs and reflects the surrounding noise through the noise reduction sponge.
  • It can not only reduce the reflection of indoor recording sound, but also effectively reduce the interference of outdoor wind and environmental noise on human voice recording.
  • Capture your pure human voice and reduce the interference of external noise on the recorded sound.
  • Reduce the need for redundant equalization and post-production.
  • A detachable blowout cover is designed on the front to prevent plosive sound and saliva from eroding the microphone capsule during recording.
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The new, trending product all the singers and artists across the world are starting to use! This is a product that is just entering the recording industry and is a must have in your studio. A microphone isolation chamber that essentially creates a sound proof room/booth at a fraction of the cost.

Achieve high quality vocals with no background noise, no room echo or reverb, and no A/C or fan humming in the distance. Having a microphone isolation box will increase the quality of your vocals, deepen the richness of the sound, and enhance the clarity of your voice. Paired with any of our premium vocal presets, a high quality recording is a guarantee!

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