What Are the Best Free FL Studio Vocal Presets?

What Are the Best Free FL Studio Vocal Presets?

Vocal Presets are pre-configured and custom-rendered processing settings that include altered EQ and added effects, designed to make your vocals sound polished, punchy, enhanced, and sometimes even sprinkled with trendy reverbs. Buckle up, folks. Today, we’ll discuss the best free FL Studio Vocal Presets you can access.

We’ve all been short on cash before, but regardless if you’re broke or racking them stacks, having free stuff is always a welcome opportunity, right? That’s why for your convenience, we’ll be breaking down only the best free vocal presets on FL Studio and the value they can add to your music. 

Free Vocal Preset by Rys Up Audio

You can’t go wrong with this one, folks, the only free vocal preset from yours, truly. This all-in-one template preset has everything to help you get started and deal with musical collateral. Easy to use, plenty of features, all the essentials stacked on the vocal chain, one-click mixing solution, and only stock plugins used for easy and cheap customization. Better yet, it has meticulously detailed instructions for throwing in your unique blend whenever you need to add that extra spice of creativity- there’s nothing you’ll miss out on. 

Given how comprehensive this template is, if you’re a beginner to the arts, this is one solution for all your mixing and mastering needs. All functions are loaded on the stacks, and you can effortlessly edit them and change a few notches here and there for your rendition of the preset to suit your style.

Pre-loaded processing and equalizers have been crafted to blend well with all musical genres. Still, you need that extra punch for your preferred approach, like heavy bass or a more variegated reverb. In that case, you’ll find our instructions pretty holistic in covering what you need to do to achieve your own unique M.O.

No extra knowledge of aftermarket plugins is required. Those pesky pay-to-play plugins are expensive and require different skills to operate. Our audio geeks made this work with just the default plugins that come with vanilla FL studio so that you don’t have to shill out extra bucks and time gearing for custom plugins. 

You can also rest easy knowing the industry-leading sound engineers here at Rys Up Audio only deliver polished products of uncompromising quality. This preset is a testament to the competence of our sound nerds, and we have given away all the hard work for FREE!! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and try it out. Get into bedazzling your music today. 

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Includes essential stacks like EQs, compression, delay, and reverb
  • Professionally developed by industry-leading sound engineers
  • Detailed instructions and FAQs for application and editing
  • Uses only stock plugins
  • Compatible versions of all popular DAWs available


    It’s a win-win scenario here. You get to be twice as productive while your music goes from zero to sixty in seconds, and all this swag for FREE!! You thought ice like this would have cost you good money, but fortunately, the industry lacks good samaritans willing to help out recruits. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran of the arts, a few good presets to your library are still a Win in our books. Go ahead and check them out, and don’t hesitate to upload your music.

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