How To Install Vocal Presets On GarageBand

  • If you are using waves plugins click here

  • Click anywhere on your desktop, then on the menu bar in the top left, click "Go" then click "Home"

  • Navigate to /Music/Audio Music Apps/Patches/Audio  (If the "Audio" folder is not there, create it yourself)

  • Unzip your download and move the preset file or folder inside this folder.

  • Open GarageBand and create a new audio track 

  • In the Library on the left hand side, navigate to User Patches and select the preset you 

  • If necessary: Replace DeEsser 2 with the standard DeEsser

  • Change the DeEsser settings to Suppression Frequency: 5000Hz and Suppression: -10db

  • Change the pitch correction to the key of the song. If you don’t know the key of the song or can’t 
google it, then use this site: 

  • Enjoy the sweet sound of a well-mixed vocal!

  • Since installing presets on GarageBand and Logic are nearly identical, please watch this installation video found here if you have further questions or any trouble.