How to Install Vocal Presets on Studio One

  • If you are using waves plugins click here

  • Unzip and move preset file or folder to "User"/Documents/Studio One/Presets/PreSonus/FX Chains (If the "FX Chains" folder isn't there, just create it yourself.)

  • Open Studio One and create a new audio track

  • On the menu bar in the top left, click View > Inspector

  • Click the little arrow to the right of where it says "Inserts" to bring up a menu. Locate the preset and click on it to activate!

  • I highly recommend you add a pitch corrector plugin such as auto tune as the first plugin on the chain. Studio One does not have a stock pitch corrector, so I could not add one in the preset. However, there is a free pitch correct called MAutoPitch that you can download!

  • Lastly, change the pitch correction to the key of the song. If you don’t know the key of the song or can’t 
google it, then use this site: 

  • Enjoy the sweet sound of a well-mixed vocal!