How To Install The FabFilter Vocal Preset

  1. Presets are loaded in through each plugin, so load up your DAW and create a new audio track.
  2. Insert the FabFilter plugins onto the track in the following order:
    1. *AutoTune* (Any Pitch Correction Plugin you have)
    2. Pro-G
    3. Pro-C2
    4. Pro-MB
    5. Pro-Q3
    6. Pro-C2
    7. Pro-DS
    8. Timeless 3
    9. Pro-R
  3. In the top right of each plugin, click where it says "Default Setting"
  4. In the drop down menu go to Options>Open Other Preset
  5. Browse and locate the corresponding preset from our pack!
  6. Repeat for each plugin!
  7. Enjoy the sweet sound of a professionally mixed vocal!